During the summer of 2021, I was hired at Sociavore as a Product Design Associate. Over the course of four months, I did product design, UI/UX design, marketing, content production, and more.


During the summer of 2021, I was an intern at Sociavore. I was hired as a product design associate, so my typical responsibilities covered the whole UX process. This included conducting research, ideating, prototyping and testing, all of which were performed to ensure that the products we were creating were user-centric. I collaborated closely in a cross-functional team of PMs, developers, and marketers to refine product strategy and improve output quality.

I was also given the chance to branch out and tackle tasks in other areas, such as marketing and content production. I collaborated with a coworker to fully direct and produce an animated video meant to market some of the business’ core features to prospective customers. I also created graphical ads for social media and conducted A/B testing to optimize reach via Facebook Marketing.

Key Takeaways

This was a truly memorable summer. I could never have imagined how much I would learn, grow, and absorb in a matter of months - it was a transformative experience for my technical and transferable skills. Despite working remotely, I still had so many great chances to work on a huge variety of amazing projects: and here are the most important things I learned on the way.

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