ELEE is a personal brand of my client's for which I was commissioned to create a branding package for. The brand focused on music and the role that it played in my client's experience growing up.

The Brief

For this brief, I collaborated with my client to undertake a range of tasks in order to produce a branding package, eventually for use as a design system. This branding would go on to be used in projects related to the client's personal brand, such as on album releases and in their online presence.

After conducting an initial assessment, I worked to develop imagery around the keys of a piano, which was my client's inaugural instrument. Although we wanted the imagery to be striking and recognizable, we also wanted it to be subtle and straightforward, to better constrast the highly complex logos of prominent music-related brands, such as Yamaha or Gibson.

The Logo

In the client's brief of their brand, one thing that caught my interest was the way in which studious classical training provided the foundation by which they began to experiment and develop interests in alternative forms of musical expression.

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